Sake Salon #23 Fushimi Sake Night


Sake Salon #23 Between Tradition and Innovation

Fushimi Sake Night

Even for many Japanese people, Kyoto is something special. No one can deny the authenticity of traditional culture which Kyoto embodies itself. Naturally people born and raised up in Kyoto can’t help feeling the heaviness of its history, and thus naturally wear some kind of “pride” that they are different from people from other part of Japan.

Fushimi, the south part of Kyoto City has long been one of the biggest sake producing area since the end of Muromachi era in 16th century because of its geographical convenience of transportation between Osaka and Kyoto and more than anything else quality of the water of the region.

There will be an fabulous event “SAKEZO’S BAR” held at Shin-Dorinhiroba of Tokyo Station to taste sake from all Fushimi breweries from October 28 to November 1.

Prior to that event, there will be “Fushimi Sake Night” at JSS Information Center to learn and experience the history and real state of Fushimi by the leaders of the region.

Tokubei Masuda, the president of Masuda Tokubei Shoten which is founded in 1675 and famous for its brand “Tsuki-no-katsura,” and Yukihiro Kitagawa, the 14th generation president of Kitagawa Honke which is founded in 1657 and famous for its brand “Tomio” will be together with us to share the story.

Don’t miss this great opportunity.
Seats are limited to about 30 people, so please hurry to reserve your spot soon.

Tokubei Masuda
President of Masuda Tokubei Shoten "Tsuki-no-katsura" (月の桂)

Yukihiro Kitagawa
President of Kitagawa Honke "Tomio" (富翁)

Mon Oct 28, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Entry SOLD OUT ¥3,000
Venue Address
港区西新橋1丁目6−15 日本酒造虎ノ門ビル 1F Japan

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